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Our Team

  • Testimonial

    Dan Nienhauser

    Co-Founder and CEO

    About Dan Nienhauser

    Dan Nienhauser is currently the CEO of SaaSchool, a Software-as-a-Service provider of robust, value based school web engines. Dan is a capacity builder and serial entrepreneur. He relishes problem solving and thrives in diverse environments. Dan has worked in leadership, business development, management, financial and strategic capacities.

    Dan’s experience as former Superintendent and Educational Services Exec Dir has taught Dan the importance of data, digital communication capabilities and school administrative challenges.

    Dan is the Managing Director of HaaStro, a big data Hadoop / Hybrid Environment consulting firm, with offices in Arizona and New York. He is also currently a founding Board Member of the Arizona Collaboratory (AzC), a non-profit business aggregating capital preparedness resources in Arizona, seeking to address the “funding gap” (capital raises between $1-10M) and establish a presence in the emergent crowdfunding debt/equity capital markets in Arizona.

    Dan holds a BA in Economic/English from Columbia University, an MBA in Finance from New York University and a Master of Healthcare Innovation from Arizona State University. Dan speaks capable German and conversational Mandarin Chinese & French.

  • Testimonial

    Stavros Aloizos

    Co-Founder and CTO

    About Stavros Aloizos

    With over 30 years experience creating innovative and disruptive technologies, Mr. Aloizos has founded several successful companies and holds multiple patents for large-scale algorithm-based applications. He is a SaaS pioneer and an expert in the design and delivery of cost-effective, high-performance information technology and Web 2.0 solutions addressing complex business problems across a range of disciplines. He is also well versed in managing regulatory and Sarbox requirements having brought his last company, Softwave Media Exchange (SWMX), to the public markets.

    Mr. Aloizos has extensive qualifications in all facets of the development life cycle, including feasibility analysis and conceptual design, implementation, documentation and maintenance. He also has particular expertise architecting complex marketplace applications serving both online and traditional spaces

  • Testimonial

    Diego Benitez

    Co-Founder and EVP of Engineering

    About Diego Benitez

    Diego is a co-founder and is also the Executive Vice president of Engineering at SaaSchool. Diego has a vast background and is proficient in multiple computer language skills. During his vast work experience, he is responsible for some of the most disruptive enterprise platforms in television, music, media, sports and big data analytics.

    Before joining SaaSchool Diego headed and established the data architecture of BuzzAngle Music an enterprise class SaaS application to facilitate consumption metrics and analytics for the global music industry. While at BuzzAngle Diego created the process flows of data from vendors such as Sony, Universal, Warner, Disney, Apple, Spotify, YouTube, Vevo, Target, Best Buy and various other major players in the music industry. Prior to BuzzAngle Music Diego was, and still currently is, a Co-founder and director of engineering for D1Scout the leading provider of premium websites and sports management programs for High School, Club, and Youth Athletics programs. At D1Scout Diego developed a SaaS based platform model streamlining the operations of High School and amateur athletics programs world-wide. In 2005 Diego joined SWMX, a publicly traded company, and was instrumental in establishing the processing infrastructure connecting offline media insertion capabilities of legacy traffic systems for the Television and radio industries. While at SWMX he was also tasked with identifying and incorporating cutting edge technologies to enhance the HPC (High Performance Computing) of the SWMX platform structure.

    Diego’s mantra in the SaaSchool engineering department has always been tremendous functionality for Information and non-Information Technology professionals that is afforded by SaaS platforms. That balancing act takes place each and every day for our engineers. Our goal is and always has been developing and implementing easy to use robust products bringing real world solutions to various industries.

  • Testimonial

    Justin Burke

    Executive Vice President UI / UX

    About Justin Burke

    Justin is the Executive Vice president of UI/UX at SaaSchool and has a vast background in multiple full stack computer language skills. Over the years he has held lead roles on multiple SaaS based enterprise class projects.

    Before joining SaaSchool Justin headed the UI/UX division of BorderCity Media and it BuzzAngleMusic products. BuzzAngle Music is an enterprise class SaaS application to facilitate consumption metrics and analytics for the global music industry. Prior to BuzzAngle Music Justin was one of the lead developers for D1Scout the leading provider of premium websites and sports management programs for High School, Club, and Youth Athletics programs. At D1Scout Justin developed a SaaS based templating model that made it easy for sports programs to manage and promote their organizations. in 2006 Justin entered into the field of enterprise computing at SWMX a publicly traded company. Justin quickly rose through the ranks to become a senior developer with the firm that handled vast amounts of data. Justin found his niche in being able to deliver complex information in a usable and efficient manner.

    Justin has over 10 years experience in software engineering with heavy specialization in UI User Interface and UX User Experiencze integration. At SaaSchool Justin is responsible for the easy to use rich environment interfaces that power SaaSchool platforms for our customers

    Whether it be implementing complex reporting tools to deliver user-specified breakdowns of large datasets or overseeing the development of a CMS (Content Management Systems) to allow individuals and companies to efficiently deliver information on and sell their products to customers, he explores and implements the most optimal, user-friendly and visually appealing approaches possible.

  • Testimonial

    Jaci Scully

    Chief Marketing Officer

    About Jaci Scully

    Jaci Scully has years of experience in the advertising world on both the client and agency side. Her areas of expertise include Identity and Brand Development; Strategic Research; Production for Video, TV and Still; Digital Marketing and Front-End Web Design.


  • Testimonial

    Juan Llanos

    Software Engineering UI / UX

    About Juan Llanos

    Juan has joined SaaSchool in 2015 when he moved to the New York Tri-State area. Juan brings an exceptional eye and technical capabilities far beyond his years and is instrumental in the UI implementation of new sites and custom coding for special features. Juan has also been instrumental working with D1Scout to implement a seamless integration within the SaaSchool ecosystem. Juan has proven be very knowledgeable on multi-device implementations with reactive platforms and has also worked extensively with the SaaSchool/D1Scout mobile implementation.

    Juan is a very gifted engineer that has proven himself to be quite an addition to the core Engineering staff. His grasp of complex SaaS environments is unparalleled. His eye for aesthetics and interoperability of modules and data sets is surprising . He continues to excel and has moved up the chain of in house engineers to be one of the top developers at SaaSchool. We look forward to watching him grow in to a senior engineering position in the very near future.

    Stavros Aloizos
    Chief Technology Officer

  • Testimonial

    Jeff Wahl

    Senior Software Engineer / Data Integration

    About Jeff Wahl

  • Testimonial

    Bhavana Mungara

    Senior Systems Engineer / Data Coordination

    About Bhavana Mungara

    Bhavana joins with over 12 years experience in the fields of high end web technology, data management and analysis.  Bhavana has vast experience overseeing large scale application deployments and providing customer-driven technical support. Her many talents have helped build applications with high-performance teams in various industries and disciplines. Bhavana has worked with Stavros Aloizos the CTO of SaaSchool for over 10 years in various capacities and has been an integral part of his team in building successful SaaS projects.

    Bhavana started working for Stavros as a Web Developer, and quickly worked her way up the ladder to become a project lead for the SWMX Television platform and a key player for the team. Bhavana also has expertise in working in the medical field with medical device companies, heading their data analysis division. Her vast  experience working both on the user interface and the back-end support for large scale database applications is instrumental in keeping the data sets of SaaSchool subscribers on the cutting edge.  Her strengths of data analysis &  reporting are a few of the key areas that have helped leverage the information from its platforms to bring best of breed applications to the education markets.

    Bhavana has an unparalleled skill set in the complexities of data and its use. Her keen sense of architecture and attention to detail is unrivaled.  In the world of education systems data integrity and security is a must, not only on the public facing CMS, but also on maintaining accurate records for historic student information systems. We are very happy to have Bhavana join the SaaSchool team. Her expertise in multiple data and information technology fields is leveraged every day.

    Stavros Aloizos
    Chief Technology Officer

  • Testimonial

    Jose Martinez

    Senior Software Engineer UI / UX / Mobile

    About Jose Martinez

    Jose brings a very diverse background to SaaSchool, with his artistic talent and keen eye for design. He has designed and developed large scale business to consumer as well as Business to business applications and has been regarded as one of the top designers in his field.

    Jose comes to SaaSchool from Border City Media as well. While at BCM Jose was the lead design implementation specialist working closely with Justin Burke to create a robust reporting platform that was easy to navigate and get robust information out of. Jose also spearheaded the mobile Interface on both iOS and Android and developed a keen set of cutting edge tools to bring vast amounts of reporting information to the limited mobile device screens.

    Before joining Border City Media Jose was a lead engineer at PublicStuff a New York based not for profit company that captured maintenance information such as potholes and public works in disrepair via an app from citizens living within their neighborhoods. That information was aggregated and delivered to various public works companies that would perform the repairs. Jose was instrumental in building the UI/UX for PublicStuff and was responsible for the mobile app integration as well.

    Jose has worked in many cutting edge technology companies and has leveraged his expert eye on design and his vast and capable skill set to create user interfaces that are informative and easy to use. We are very pleased to have Jose on the SaaSchool team and look forward to the innovations he will create as we move forward into workstation and multi device mobile computing.
    Stavros Aloizos
    Chief Technology Officer

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